You do such a great job with CR.  Thank you for being here for us.

     I am enclosing my check for my subscription renewal.  Thank you for everything.  We cannot live without you.

                      Joy Moreau.

   Bill & Jan, 

Love your Report.

I've been grounded and

that's my only connection

to whats going on.

Pete Hempstead


     Thanks so much for nice ad in last CR. You are great friends to all things circus.

    Paul Ingrassia  

    I always enjoy reading the latest show news   and routes.

                  C. Arnold Speck


WOW! That was the first thing that popped into my head when the DEC. issue of the Circus Report arrived.  You have done a beautiful job with this publication.  I know this is a labor of love.  

      Buddy Oliver

Thank you for once again a great Circus Report, full of interesting reports, reviews and news.  Jorgen Borsch.

   Dear Bill:

Good morning.  Reading the current edition of Circus Report I note your continued support of the OABA's      circus fund.  As one who is deeply involved in efforts to sustain licensed performing animals in the American Circus I want to convey that your efforts are not taken for granted.  We sincerely appreciate your support.  Our entire industry is well served by your continued publication of Circus Report.

        Sincerely,  Wayne McCary


      Just pulled my Circus Report out of the snail mail box...OABA and myself can't thank you enough for   what you continue to do for the animal cause..I tip my hat to you...

                                              David Orr

The First Annual Circus Auction is over and was a big success partly because of the great job that you did in publicizing it.




(702) 457-6561 


​​​Hello Jan and Bill!

     How great a pleasure it is to read the just (now 2 days ago) received June 24th, 2016 Circus Report! From the frontpage Royal Hanneford review and Smithsonian preview, the Ramos Bros., Kelly Miller and de la Symphonie reviews to Lee Rostad's bookand Emmet Kelly centerfold, Incidents, Elephants department to incidents and Chuck's Southern Californians thoughts your Circus Reporting is informative and enjoyable...!


Congratulations...I can't put it down...oh the memories...

                        Stan Kramien  .

   Love the centerfold "Remember When."  Taking  them out and putting in separate album.  Keep up the good work.  

            Judy Spellman.

  Dear Bill,

   Great job, thank you


Hi Jan & Bill

Hope you are both doing well. Looking forward to future CR issues.

All the best,

           Katie "Cheezer"